See you in 2019!

We're taking a little break.

The Belgrade Model EU team will take a little break in 2018. We're looking forward to seeing you at BEUM 2019! More information will be available by the end of 2019. Stay tuned for updates!
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What is Belgrade Model EU?

Belgrade Model EU is an interactive simulation of the European Union decision-making processes. It is an action-packed four days conference, consisting of debating some of the most burning EU and global issues.


BEUM is about taking part in different roles. Participants can choose any of the following:

Member of the European Parliament

Step into the shoes of an MEP and try to create your position while juggling your party, faction and national interests.

Minister of the Council

There is a little number of positions more admirable than representing your government in the high-level multilateral ministerial meeting.

Role of Journalist

Cover all events, from high-level discussions, over informal meetings, to the late night scandals at the socials. The public has to be informed!

Judge, Advocate General or a Lawyer at the European Court of Justice

If the courtroom is your playground, then ECJ is the right place for you. Become the part of the intense legal process and shape the Court's decision.


Prove that the negative connotations about this profession are untrue. This challenging role will test your limits and persuasion skills to the maximum.

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