Why Apply for Belgrade Model EU?


At Belgrade Model European Union you will have the opportunity to make friendships and connection with people from all over the globe.

Public Speaking

BEUM is a perfect setting where young people can face their fear of public speaking, or simply improve your public speaking skills.

Learn more about the EU

Model EU conferences are simulating EU decision-making process. By attending our conference you will learn more about the role of each EU institution in this process.


BEUM conference will help you enhance your leaderships skills. Engage in debate, defend your views and advocate for your proposals.

Visit Belgrade

By attending BEUM, you will visit one of the most interesting and unique cities in Europe. Explore the history, culture and its lifestyle.

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"BEUM will always have a special place in my heart as my first simulation. But regardless of the number of simulations you have attended, the atmosphere of BEUM is definitely something to experience!"
Sonja Afanasjeva
Participant, BEUM 2013
"BEUM is experiencing the EU of the future. I joined BEUM in 2017 because of its unique setting and competent team behind it. A truly enriching experience in a historical city"
Rebecca Gösker
Chair, BEUM 2017
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